The Damond Difference:

DECODE: Listen, Aim, Fire approach to clients needs and investment goals!

DEBRIEF: Providing my buyer clients with access to exclusive 'Off-Market' new home inventory and sellers with valuable market data to make an informed pricing decision!

DESTRESS: The process of buying, selling, or renting should be simple and seamless. I strive to ensure a stress free transaction for all of my clients.

DELIVER: With a plan of action, team work, fortitude, and follow through, I bring my clients home buying, selling, renting or real estate investment goals to fruition!

you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want!

-Zig Ziglar

About Me

I am an entrepreneur by design with a cup is half full mentality. My vision is 20/20 yet I can see outside the box and do so regularly. I ride sport bikes (motorcycles) when I feel like flying which is weekly.

I have been a student of real estate for 15 years and counting with 10 of those years firmly planted in New Home Sales. In 2013, I made the decision to sell from the other side of the table as a Realtor/Investor. My goal now is the same as it was when I started - to provide significant service without compromise that allows my clients to refer me to anyone without hesitation!