Desiring a New Home? Then you'll need a New Home Builder Specialist!

With over a decade of unique experience as a New Home Information Manager and Sales Counselor, along with my long standing builder relationships throughout the city,  I can assist you with this process from start to keys!  As your REALTOR, I can assist you with:

  • Incentive negotiation and contract review.
  • Attend and assist with all meetings (Pre-Construction, Design, etc.) throughout the construction process. 
  • Energy Features & Ratings Consultation!
  • Blueprint Assistance and Plan Changes!
  • Provide Weekly Status Updates!

 Give me a call at any stage before signing a contract and allow me to ensure your interests are well represented! 832-446-2022 

Builder Partners


You probably arrived at this page looking for the infamous MLS Search app that you’ve seen on the last 5 Realtor sites you visited before me – well you are not going to find it here! As a Texas Realtor, that’s one of the main aspects of my job!

Look at it this way, when you go out to eat, do you expect to hunt for the food, prepare it, cook it, and after you’ve done all of the hard work only then hire someone to serve it to you? Probably not! I feel the same way about your real estate search activity!

Allow me to do the searching for you! As my client, I will search and filter through all of the known listings based on your criteria and provide you with a comprehensive report of what is truly available emailed straight to your inbox! As properties within your buying criteria are added to the MLS or my exclusive network, I will send you updates daily. That’s the Damond Difference!  

Mortgage Calculator - Get an idea of what your mortgage payment may be.

Houston Association of Real Estate Inspectors - Always get a home inspection!

Good things come to those who wait...but they are usually the crumbs left by those who hustle!

-Abraham Lincoln

The Home Buying Process!

Buying a home doesn’t have to be stressful just because it is exciting. Whether this will be your first home or your fifth, I strive to ensure all of my clients experience a smooth and seamless transaction.

One of the ways I accomplish this is by devising an action plan at our initial meeting. This crucial step will provide a road map to accomplish the ultimate goal – purchasing your new home!

Here is a short but comprehensive video that outlines the home buying process put together by Loan Officer Tony Garza with


‘Pre-Market’ or ‘Off Market’ Deals!

Both terms describe property that is not available to the general public – YET! Through my vast builder relationships and exclusive marketing channels I am often made aware of these types of properties of which I avail only to my most qualified and able clients.

Often times my clients will only have hours to preview and make a buying decision before the rest of the general public is also made aware of the same property. If you are interested and would like to be on my clients list for these deals click below!
Please note a buyer’s representative agreement is mandatory.